Thursday, May 17, 2012

Smash Addicts

I joined a great group on FaceBook yesterday that I am having a lot of fun with, it is called..."Smash Addicts".  It is a great bunch of ladies that all love to craft.  We all have a Smash book in one form or another, either the ones that you buy from K & Company or ones that we have made, and then there are those of us that have both the ones that you buy and have made one.  As you saw in one of my old post that I made Smash book using Wizard of Oz scrapbook paper along with a few forms that I put together. Then, after joining this group yesterday, "Smash Addicts", and having so much fun and loving the challenges, I decided to go to Michael's today and buy a Smash book to work with this group. I bought one of the new larger Smash books with pockets, it is Red so it will also go along with my Wizard of Oz which I have already started decorating with the Wizard of Oz. I will continue to us my homemade Smash book for my projects as it was planned for and this new one will be for the "Smash Addicts" group.
I will take a picture of my new Smash book a little later and post it for you to see. 

Happy Crafting,

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