Friday, October 31, 2014

Anything Goes Friday


Happy Friday
Happy Halloween
Welcome to...
Anything Goes Friday
I know today is Halloween but since they are calling for a bit of this evening in our area I thought that I would share a double digital Project Life layout that I made from one of our snow storms this past winter, where we were playing, making snowmen, and sledding.

For these layouts I used,
Becky Higgins Project Life Kits...
Seasonal Snapshot for Stampin' Up

Winter Theme Pack

Seasonal Snapshot Edition
Seasonal Snapshot Edition

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Creative Team Thursday

Happy Thursday
Welcome to...
Creative Team Thursday
Today I am sharing with you a digital layout that I made for the Creative Team...
Scrappy Bee
The kit that I used is...
Destination Paris
Created by...
BLT Designs

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Project Life Wednesday


Happy Wednesday
Welcome to...
Project Life Wednesday
This week I wanted to share with you my Project Life layout of us carving pumpkins this past weekend. We have not carved pumpkins in a few years, other than the faux pumpkins that we carved two years ago. But we decided to carve some this year, so Chrystine and I went to Sam's Club got each of us a pumpkin. Then we went to carving on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

For this layout I used a couple of different Digital  Project Life kits by Becky Higgins...
*Seasonal Snapshot

Halloween Theme Pack
Seasonal Snapshot Edition
Seasonal Snapshot Edition

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Disney Blog Hop for Rett Syndrome Awareness

Happy Saturday
Welcome to this year's Blog Hop for...
Rett Syndrome Awareness
In this hop we will be showing you many Disney themed projects while sharing with you about
Rett Syndrome.
If you have just stopped by my blog to visit with me, thank you and welcome, but please start at the beginning of the hop with our
Hostess, Robin from
We would not want you to miss any of these wonderful projects.

So, grab yourself a Latte', sit back and hop along with us as we share our projects with you.
 October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month, so I wanted to help get the word out and what better way to do that than with a blog hop.
Rett Syndrome strikes without warning. A girl with Rett Syndrome usually starts out as a happy and healthy baby. Then something goes terribly wrong. She loses the ability to speak, she can't use her hands to play with toys, or to even feed herself, and she may lose the ability to walk. 
Despite their physical disabilities, girls with Rett Syndrome are believed to be functioning mentally at a much higher level than previously thought.   
Rett Syndrome is caused by a mutation of the MECP2  gene on the X chromosome.  
Rett Syndrome is found in all racial and ethnic groups throughout the world, and in every socioeconomic class.  
Rett  Syndrome affects in 15,000 female births.  

*Symptoms of Rett Syndrome...

Rett Syndrome is a genetic neurological disorder that affects girls between 6 and 18 months of age. This regressive disease leads to lifelong handicaps, including loss of speech and voluntary muscle control, and is often misdiagnosed as Cerebral Palsy or Autism. Symptoms range from mild to severe, and almost always include...
*Developmental Regression or Plateau
*Near constant hand clasping or wringing
*Severe communication impairment
*Breathing problems
*Digestive issues
*Floppy arms and legs
*If able to walk, then with a shaky, unsteady gait, or toe-walking. But most do end up using a wheelchair for the most part.
*Slowing head growth
*Abnormal sleep patterns
*Transient loss of social engagement
*Poor circulation that can lead to cold and bluish arms and legs
Little girls with Rett Syndrome are referred to as the..."Silent Angels"
As they typically loose the ability to speak.
Many individuals with Rett Syndrome live well into adulthood, although there are some that do not get that chance and end up losing their battle to Rett Syndrome at a very early age.
Most people including Doctors are not aware of Rett Syndrome, so, please help me get the word out about Rett Syndrome and hopefully the more that know the faster we can help in finding a cure.

This cause is very dear to me, as my youngest Daughter had Rett Syndrome. She was almost three years of age before they discovered that what she had was Rett Syndrome, as she was first diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Even though she could not walk without help, was in a wheelchair for the most part, lost most of her ability to talk, lost the use of her hands, and would have multiple seizures everyday, she was a very smart little girl. Now, these were just a few of the things that she would battle each and everyday. My little girl lost her battle to Rett Syndrome at the age of nine. My goal is to help get awareness out so that one day there will be a cure and that no more little Angels will loose their battle.

For more information you can visit...

Now, are you ready for some blog candy???  We have a several wonderful and generous sponsors today...

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Without further ado...Our Disney Projects.

For my project I put together a digital layout with a Mickey head snow globe featuring some pictures of my Daughters with Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy.

Name of this kit...
Mickey Vintage
Designed by...
Print and Fun
Be sure to head on over to....


for your next stop and see her wonderful project that she has made to share with you today.

If you get lost along the way here is the entire line up for today's Blog Hop.
 Robin L. ~

Thank you for hopping along with us today, I hope that you have learned something about Rett Syndrome and that you will help spread the word so that we can make as many people aware of this as possible. I also hope that we have inspired you to get your craft on.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Anything Goes Friday

Happy Friday
Welcome to...
Anything Goes Friday
First, I have to say this...
It's Friday, Friday, Friday
Now that, that is out of the way let's get to today's post.

Today I would like to share with you one of my new toys or tools, whichever you want to look at it.

I had heard about Becky Higgins working on an App from her blog and insta gram, I was so excited and could not wait for it to arrive. Then finally it became live on September 17th. I was jumping for joy when I found out.

Introducing the Project Life App - scrapbooking in the palm of your hand! (

It is the new Project Life App, currently available only for Apple products. I have it downloaded onto my iPad and I am loving it. I can now create scrapbook layouts, cards while I am on the go. I usually take my iPad with me about anywhere I go especially to any Doctor appointments so that I can  play a little, but now I can create new things.

This App is truly amazing the things that you can do with it, it takes Project Life to a whole new level.
Imagine scrapbooking without scissors or adhesive or tools … or without having to print photos! Never before has scrapbooking been so easy, so fast, or so available in the palm of your hand! 
Built-in templates and pre-designed artwork allow for scrapbook pages to come together in just minutes. Pull in your photos from your Camera Roll, Photo Stream, or Dropbox. There are hundreds of fantastic designer cards to choose from within the app and more being added on a monthly basis. Add some quick journaling notes and you’re done!
Don’t allow your memories to stay trapped on your device. The best part of this method of scrapbooking is seamlessly sharing completed pages with your friends and family – and, of course, getting those pages printed so you can enjoy actual, real scrapbooks!
 *import photos from Camera Roll, Photo Stream, or Dropbox
*zoom, crop, edit, rotate, and rearrange photos
*easy drag + drop photos and cards between spots
*zoom in and around your page for closer details
*adjust font style, size, color and more
*colored background options
*lots of page layout options
*a library of card designs and kits available
*corners can be rounded or square
*several 4×6 and 6×8 collage options
*use Siri for fast journaling
*pages in progress automatically save to library
*completed pages and collages in one place
*view specific card designs for Project Life collections
*export, share, and print completed pages
The link to get this wonderful App is...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Creative Team Thursday


Happy Thursday
Welcome to...
Creative Team Thursday
Today I would like to share with you a layout that I made for one of the digital Creative Teams that I am   part of.

Today the Creative Team that I am sharing with you is... 
Scrappy Bee  

Scrappy Bee

This Kit is called... 
Autumn Garden 
Designed by...  
Blue Butterfly

Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Project Life Wednesday

Happy Hump Day aka Wednesday
Welcome to...
Project Life Wednesday
Today I would like to share with you a Project Life layout that I did documenting two of our character breakfasts from our second trip to Disney. 
The kits that I used is...
"Magical Memories"
"Everyday Matters"
By...Heidi Nicole Designs

And have you checkout my Project Life page at the top of my blog lately?  It has been updated, and I will be updating more information to it, so be sure to keep checking back from time to time.