Saturday, October 27, 2012

Disney Blog Hop for Rett Syndrome Awareness

Welcome to the First Annual Blog Hop for...

Rett Syndrome Awareness

Welcome to your first stop, with Me, Robin Lane from...

 October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month, so I wanted to help out and what better way to do that than with a blog hop.  What is Rett Syndrome?   Rett Syndrome is a devastating neurologic developmental disorder that occurs almost exclusively in girls.  It is usually caused by a mutation of the MECP2  gene on the X chromosome.  Rett Syndrome is found in all racial and ethnic groups throughout the world, and in every socioeconomic class.  Rett  Syndrome affects 
in 15,000 female births.  
Early developmental milestones appear normal in the beginning for the most part, but between 6-18 months of age, there is a delay or regression in development, particularly affecting speech, hand skills and coordination.  A hallmark of Rett Syndrome is the repetitive hand movements that may become almost constant while awake.  Other features may include seizures, irregular breathing, swallowing difficulties, and curvature of the spine.  
Many individuals with Rett Syndrome live well into adulthood, although there are some that do not get the chance to live a long life such as our Daughter.  Our little Angel, lost her battle at the age of Nine.

There is currently no cure, but hopefully one day there will be a cure and no other family will have to loose their Angel as we did.

Now...for some fun Disney Projects.

I have an adorable Pooh Bear layout  as well as some Pooh Bear Cards to share with you this weekend.



Oh, yea, I almost forgot, I also have some Blog Candy that will be given away to TWO lucky winners, but to enter you much be a follower of my blog,   AND  leave a comment on each one of the blogs.  Prize one is a Disney Princess Scrapbook Kit and Prize two is a Disney Theme Park Scrapbook Kit, and both prizes will also include some goodies from the International Rett Syndrome Foundation.

I hope that you have enjoyed our little hop this weekend, be sure to head on over to....

Jenn Drowns Jackson - 

for your next stop to see her wonderful project that she made to share with you today.

If you get lost along the way here is the entire line up for today's Blog Hop.


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Thank you for stopping by and visiting, I hope that you have a Great Weekend.

Until Next Time...Happy Crafting, 

Robin L

ps.  If you would like information on donating to the International Rett Syndrome Foundation please let me know and I will tell you how you can do that in honor of my Daughter's name.   


  1. I like your projects. I hope a lot of people become aware of Rett syndrome and your daughter today.

  2. What a wonderful way to give tribute to your precious daughter and to help other become more aware of Rett Syndrome. Classic pooh pulls my heart strings...Beautiful cards!

  3. Hi Ribbon seeing your sweet baby girl brings tear to my eyes. And it is a joy and such an honor to be in the hop. And it is such a beautiful and loving tribute for your sweet baby girl. Lovely layout and cards. HUGS AJ-

  4. Such a fun layout. Love how pooh peeks out over the edge!! Such a sweet card as well

  5. Great tribute to your daughter !! I just love Pooh :) I used to dress my daughter in clothes with Pooh on them Great projects they are adorable!!

  6. I love Winnie the Pooh. Great project and an glad to now be following your blog.

  7. i love Winnie the Pooh...don't have any yet, because i just haven't focused on any one Disney item. Love your project. Thanks for inviting me to the hop. i'm hoping to find new blogs to follow!

  8. Your daughter is beautiful and what a wonderful way to celebrate her beauty and to remember her. I love your layouts and the info about Rett Syndrome. I've heard of it before but didn't know what it was for sure. Wonderful hop. Lorby from Lorby's World.

  9. great projects.. love that layout. I'm so glad that you did this hop it's such a great way to spread the word about something like this. I never knew of rett syndrome until I joined on this hop. Thanks again!

  10. Robin- I love the layout of your beautiful daughter. Thank you for inviting me to join your blog hop to raise awareness for this disease. My heart breaks for the sadness that you must endure. sending prayers your way.

  11. What beautiful projects. Thanks for having me on the hop!

  12. Great layout of your daughter and card! This is such a sweet way to tribute your daughter. Thanks so much for letting me be part of your hop.

  13. Hi Ribbon I did day two and the ladies did a beautiful job show casing Disney. HUGS AJ-

  14. i love your Disney layout. Great job. i'm a follower

  15. OMG! I really do not know what to say, my heart bleeds for you and your family. Your daughter is very beautiful and looks so happy to be with Pooh Bear. Thank you for sharing your wonderful projects and your story.