Friday, April 20, 2012

My Coupon Binder Project

Now, for my second project that I have been working on...A Coupon Binder.  I did have all of my coupons in a regualr size binder but honestly for me it just felt to big for me to carry around from store to store. So, I had an old classic size planner binder here that I loved but was no longer using, I got some business card holder sheets to hold each of my coupons. On the side of each business card there was a slot that you could put something in so I cut out strips of scrap paper from my kitchen themed scrap paper and used different patterns for each catagory. I also attached tabs for each catagory so it easier to find the coupon that I want. In the back there is a section for my different shopping lists, such as grocery of course and lets not forget the most important shopping list but for the craft store.  So, it's basically a coupon binder smashed with a scrapbooking flare.

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